Thank you for your interest in submitting your manuscript to Holloway Literary.

We are currently open to queries.

For fiction writers all queries should include:

  1. Subject header – A correctly formatted subject header: Agent’s Name/Title of Your Manuscript/Genre is required for the fastest sorting and distribution of queries. If you pitched your story at a conference, please include the conference title in the subject header.
  2. Salutation – Select the best agent for your work, spell their name correctly. Dear Jane, Ms. Smith, etc. is perfect.
  3. Word count – Provide the word count for your story. Please note: your word count must be in the acceptable range for your genre. Query Tip: If you don’t know the word count range for your genre, you’re probably not ready for querying.
  4. Genre – Please list the genre that accurately describes your manuscript. Query Tip: If you’re unsure of your manuscript’s genre or believe two or three genres best describe your work you’re probably not ready for querying.
  5. Author’s Bio – End your query with a brief bio that tells us who you are, where you’re from, anything interesting or of note, and any previously published credits. Do not include self-published titles unless you’ve sold a substantial number of books. Please do include all social media links. Query Tip: Focus on the positive. Tell us what you are, instead of what you’re not.
  6. Requested Pages – We request the first 15 pages of your manuscript pasted into the body of the email beginning with the heading chapter one. Query Tip: Do not provide title pages, acknowledgments, cast of characters, etc. If you’re writing non-fiction, please include your proposal.

For screenwriters:

Please do not send your script unless requested. For queries, you may send a log-line, your writing credits and a brief bio. Subject header should read: Screenplay Query: Title

Nikki is currently looking for the following types of feature screenplays:

  • Wholesome, heartfelt small-town romance, holiday (all holidays not just Christmas!), especially interested in culinary/beverage, arts and crafts and bookish themes, southern voices, southern, rural beach or mountain settings, positive military/law enforcement portrayals, and racially/culturally-diverse characters and stories
  • Family-oriented, heartfelt female-driven dramas with romance in the style of Netflix’s The Lost Husband
  • Female-driven domestic suspense, mystery or thrillers.
  • Middle grade stories like Amazon’s Just Add Magic, featuring family, friends and magic, or adventure/mystery featuring male or female protagonists
  • Southern voices, southern settings, southern stories, contemporary and historical
  • Especially interested in novelists who also write screenplays, and screenwriters who write novels (must be in the areas requested)
  • Will take general queries from established and produced tv and film writers (please include IMDB link)

Special Requests

Would love to find:

  • A holiday romance or romcom set in Poland with an American protagonist.
  • A middle-grade or young adult story featuring Poland’s dragon mythology
  • Romance/rom-com/holiday romance set in coastal North or South Carolina
  • Fun stories featuring moonshine, mead, whisky or craft beer
  • Interesting stories featuring Southern Hoodoo or African-American witchery

Not interested in excessive profanity, graphic violence or sex. No horror or erotica or trauma porn.

You can expect a response to your query in about 8 weeks.

If an agent is interested in your work, we will respond with a request for more material.

Questions about your query should only be emailed to the attention of our Submissions Coordinator at for the fastest response. Queries sent to any other email address including our agent’s personal email address will be deleted unread. And queries will not be discussed over the phone unless we’ve scheduled a call with you.

Failure to follow our submission guidelines may result in your query being deleted without review. So please follow our instructions. If you have questions about the process email our Submissions Coordinator for clarification.

Thank you for thinking of Holloway Literary.